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                  About LEAD Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment CO.,LTD.

                  Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2002, has become the world's leading manufacturer of new energy equipment. LEAD mainly focus on seven industry, including Lithium-ion battery, Photovoltaic, 3C, warehouse & logistics system, automobile,fuel cell and Laser. Currently, LEAD has 370,000+ square meters for manufacturing and R&D, 6000+ employees, including 1,600+ R&D engineers.

                  • 200000m2 Plant construction area
                  • 5000 employees
                  • 1000more than R&D Engineers
                  • 400more than granted patents
                  Corporate Culture
                  Coporate Culture

                  Core Value: Customer-Oriented, Hard-Working, Self-Criticism, Open and Progress, Honesty and Credit, Teamworking Company Vision: Be the international leading company to build the intelligent plant. Company Mission:Intelligent manufacturing, clients and employees achievement.


                  Recreational Activities

                  The company organizes activities to improve understanding between employees of various departments and enhance the spirit of community cooperation. It cultivates all aspects of the ability, such as organizational capacity, performance ability, and many other qualities to stimulate employees' creativity.


                  Product Catalog
                  News Center
                  CONTACT ADDRESS
                2. TEL:0510-81163688
                3. ADD:
                  No.20 Xinxi Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi,Jiangsu, China
                4. FAX:0510-81163648
                5. SALES SERVICES
                6. Overseas Sales:+86-510-81975830
                7. Capacitor Equipment Division:0510-81163666((Mr. You)
                8. 3C Equipment Division:0510-81975746(Mr. Zhang)
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